Landscape Lighting

FS Landscaping Contractors takes great gratification in helping our clients create beautiful and functional outdoor environments. We will custom design your outdoor landscape lighting to fit the needs of your home, landscape and lifestyle. We want our customers to enjoy their landscapes from sun up to sun down. Our carefully designed landscape lighting assures that your home is a nighttime showcase.

Installing outdoor lighting will bring life to your landscape and will allow you to enjoy your walkway, patio and swimming pool areas at night. We can install your outdoor lighting direct to a remote control, timer, motion sensor, or directly to your light switch. Once we understand your goals, we can custom design an outdoor lighting plan for you. When it comes to your outdoor lights, the sky’s the limit. We can incorporate architectural lighting, landscape lighting, pool lights, patio lights, deck lights, path lights – whatever you choose ...

Have you heard of fence lighting? This is relatively new concept that FS Landscaping Contractors has expounded on with its Tru-Post® line. These are beautiful lights and other fixtures that attached directly to your fence posts. [View our Tru-Post® fence lighting]

Spotting focal points in your landscape, lighting up your walkways and steps, or up-lighting the house with well lights are some of the ways we can help provide tranquility and elegance to your property.

We truly offer the finest lighting in the industry. Click on the catalog links below to help choose the landscape lighting that you like best.

[Lighting Catalog #1]

[Lighting Catalog #2]

If you come across a style you like or desire more information about our lighting products and services, fill in the "Get Quote" form at the top right of this page or contact us today. We look forward to installing your preferred lighting.

A sample of landscape lighting types



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