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Is Stamped Concrete Slippery ?

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by Team FS

That is a common question asked in the industry. The answer is yes and no. Stamped Concrete is slippery due to the seal used to protect and enhance the color. However, most surfaces that get wet will become slippery including pavers. We use two methods to prevent stamped concrete or sealed pavers from becoming slippery.

 One method is simple. Once we finish powers washing the release agent from the patio we allow for the stamped concrete to dry before we add any seal. Once the concrete is dry we speckle fine sand lightly over the stamped concrete patio. We will than seal over the speckled sand forcing the sand to be sealed to the concrete. This method typically feels like a light sand paper or “grip tape” on a skateboard preventing the stamped concrete from being slippery.

 We will use light colored sand on lighter color stamped concrete and darker color sand for darker colors. We prefer this method over the next method I will introduce to you as we can control the amount and focus on the important areas better, like around the swimming pool.

 The other application is to use a granular product additive in the seal. The product we use is called Shark Grip. The problem with this method is that it comes out inconsistently and clogs up our seal sprayers. It is best to roll this product on with the seal. Problem there is it is common to see streaks in the seal unless using a cure seal which will evenly cure no matter how much you put in one area.

 At FS Landscaping Contractors, we can assure you that the stamped concrete that we install is as safe as any other material you choose for your patio, walkway or pool deck. It is important to clean, seal and apply new grip once every 2-3 years, as we think it is just as important to protect the look and integrity of any surface installed whether stamped concrete, pavers or natural stone.

 Feel free to contact us for more information and to begin designing your project today.

is stamped concrete slippery around a swimming pool          stamped concrete around swimming pool

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