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Best Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer – Pennsylvania / New Jersey

Posted on: February 5th, 2012 by Team FS

It is clear to me who the best fiberglass pool manufacturer is. Water World Pools in Hammonton, New Jersey. After visiting the facility last month I was very impressed with the way they operated.  The size of the operation and the cleanliness was outstanding. Not only do they build the largest fiberglass swimming pool in the industry, they manufacture the thickest fiberglass shell. Water World combines state of the art design and technology with the finest available materials, making their pools stronger yet more flexible than others on the market. With over 30 different sizes and shapes to choose from and 6+ different color bottoms, you will find it easy to select the best pool that fits your project.

Fiberglass pool shapes

Water World Pools not only manufactures their pools but they also install their own pools. The only company I know off in the entire North East that does this. I asked Don Tallman, the owner why he chose to install his own pools and not mass distribute them like the rest of the fiberglass pool manufacturers throughout the country, he said ” I know that my pools are being installed properly and they have my name on them. I don’t want Joe the Backhoe installing my pools. I care about my pools from start to finish” Makes sense to me. It was clear to see Don and his team have great pride in what they do.

Fiberglass Pools, NJ

With my experience it is very hard to find someone that knows exactly what to do when installing a fiberglass pool. Anyone can dig a hole but can you dig a hole that is exactly to the contours of the bottom of the pool and properly back fill it so that it stays level as you fill it with water. This is the most important part of installing a fiberglass pool. Keeping it level as you fill it with water and increase the weight of the pool as it settles into the hole. Watching Water World Pools perform this work was very impressive and smoother than any fiberglass pool installation that I have ever seen.

When building a fiberglass pool in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York, be sure to make the right decision and choose Water World Pools as they are clearly the best in the business. From designing your fiberglass pool to building it, they truly care about each and every one of their clients. Call them today and let them change your backyard into the perfect oasis.

Water World Pools 1-800-596-6224

fiberglass pool installation video





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