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Choosing the Right Inground Pool in Several Easy Steps

Posted on: August 16th, 2013 by Team FS


Lounging next to an in-ground backyard pool is one of the joys of summer, but installing one permanently can be fraught with obstacles. For instance, a yard may be sloped or have a hidden vein of rock underneath that can increase the expense. Before contracting with pool builders in Bucks County, homeowners need to do their homework to get the best possible results. To ensure a successful pool installation, follow these six steps:

Decide How to Use the Pool

Will the pool be used for relaxing and entertaining or for exercise and therapy purposes? These answers will affect the size, placement and features of the structure: leisure pools can be any shape and will require surrounding deck space for an outdoor living area; exercise or lap pools are rectangular in shape and are longer and usually deeper.

Survey Yard Conditions

Pool installation is easier when yards are level, but sloping does not prevent a successful job. Problems such as the presence of rock or soft soil will add to the initial expense.

Select Pool Type

Concrete, vinyl-lined and fiberglass are the three main types of in-ground pools. Most people make the choice based on usage, yard size, environmental conditions, and preference.

  • Concrete pools are sturdiest and may be custom-made in any size and shape.
  • Vinyl pools are made of a flexible liner attached to a reinforced wall frame.
  • Fiberglass pools provide the least flexibility and fewest style options, but the quickest installation time.


Consider Extras and Maintenance

The cost of a pool doesn’t end with installation. In addition to the initial extras — such as fencing, furniture, landscape lighting, and hardscaping — the cost of annual maintenance should be figured into the budget, including chemicals, water, repairs and overall upkeep.

Check Zoning Requirements

Municipalities have a number of rules for families who want pools in their backyards. These include, but are not limited to, fencing, the percentage of yard that may be taken up by the pool, distance from neighboring property and sewage lines, etc. Make sure that these requirements can be met properly before committing to a design.

Select a Contractor

Find a quality contractor who can give you an honest estimate and that employs experts who will be able to recommend the best size, type, and shape of pool for your home and preferences. With our expert pool builders in Bucks County, homeowners will never be disappointed with the result!