Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

The outdoor design team at FS Landscaping Contractors specializes in helping you find the perfect fireplace for your outdoor living area. After we help you find it, we install it with finesse and attention to detail.

With a custom fire pit built into your patio, you introduce a social element that didn't exist before. Since a fireplace is a central point for conversation, the future pool parties and outdoor celebrations you have will last longer and be better overall. When you incorporate a fireplace into your outdoor living mix, everything and everyone benefit from it. The light from the fire makes your pathway glow, your pool water shine and keeps your friends and family warm.

After installing hundreds of custom fire pits throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we've perfected the art of design and installation. Because no fireplace is the same, you have many options to choose from. For instance, you can choose a round fireplace, towering fireplace, stone fireplace or brick fireplace. And these are only a few options. We can literally create any kind of custom fire pit you want.

To help you pick out the one of your dreams, we have technology to help you visualize what your new addition will look like. We also have ton of portfolio samples you can look at to help you determine which styles you like and dislike. You'd be surprised by how many people say, "I want that one!" when looking at fire pits we've installed for past customers.

In the end, it all comes down to what you want. At FS Landscaping Contractors, we're happy to help you discover exactly what that is. To speak with a landscaping specialist about adding a fire pit to your patio, contact us today!

  Fireplace Ideas (Click for larger image)

Outdoor fireplace
Outdoor stone fireplace
Unilock fireplace design
Unilock paver fireplaces
Stone fireplace next to custom pool
Custom outdoor fireplaces
Paver kit for outdoor fireplaces

  Fire Pit Ideas (Click for larger image)

Gas firepits
Outdoor fire pit
outdoor firepit and stone patio
Poolside stone fire pit
Stone Fire pit



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